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空 瓶 回 收 企 劃

【空瓶回收企劃】- 環保回收,享購物優惠! 1️⃣ 回收清潔瓶子:我們將接受並回收您清潔過的瓶子,讓您輕鬆為環保出一分力。 2️⃣ 瓶子品牌辨識:為了確保您獲得購物優惠,瓶子必須標有我們品牌的標籤。 3️⃣ 瓶子損壞程度:我們將對瓶子進行檢查,以確保它們可以再次使用。 4️⃣ 購物優惠換領:每個清潔的空瓶均可換取 HKD 10 的購物優惠,數量不限,即可使用。 5️⃣ 指定回收點:回收只限於我們在 Instagram 公佈的市集,請攜帶空瓶前往市集找我們。 Empty Bottle Recycling Plan As long as you follow the following recycling conditions, you can easily recycle empty bottles and get corresponding shopping discounts! 🤩 1️⃣ The empty bottle must be cleaned first to make it easier for us to recycle. 2️⃣ The original label attached to the bottle must be retained to confirm that the bottle belongs to our brand. 3️⃣ The bottle body cannot be damaged to ensure that the bottle can be reused. 4️⃣ The bottle cap is not necessary, but if there is one, it must match the bottle body. 5️⃣ Recycling is limited to the market announced on our Instagram. Please bring your empty bottle to the market to find us. 6️⃣ Each empty bottle can be exchanged for a shopping discount of HKD 10, and there is no limit to the quantity that can be used.